Supplee, as Hecuba, brings life to her character’s ruin, savaging the persistently self-absorbed Helen, who insists that none of the unfolding horror has been her fault.
— Miriam Felton-Dansky, The Village Voice
DeAnna Supplee is a strong, distinguished presence.
— Victor Gluck,
“As if painted onto the wall, a turbaned, blindfolded woman sits, waiting... The music of the sea gradually bestirs the blindfolded woman, and from her commanding voice and gait, we gather that she is Hecuba (played by a marvelous DeAnna Supplee), former queen of Troy and war prize for the Greeks.”
“Hecuba embodies all the nostalgia, mad sorrow and pride of her fallen Trojan citizens. Supplee delivers the fallen queen’s lines with wounded ferocity; even when she whispers, there is weight and regality behind it. Tears shine perpetually in Hecuba’s eyes...”
— Karen Ebenezer,
DeAnna Supplee’s Hecuba retains her dignity — and her sharp tongue — in even the most terrible circumstances.
— David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America
...intense and unbreakable ...
— Asya Danilova,
...[DeAnna Supplee] dazzled.
— Michael Block, Theater in the Now